The octet was born in 2013 integrated with musicians active on the music scene and the unorthodox jazz circuit: Ezequiel Chino Piazza (drums), Alan Fritzler (bass), Hernán Rupolo (electric guitar), Francisco Huici (Baritone Sax), Leo Paganini (Tenor Sax), Mariano Bonadio (Drumpad and percussion) and Leo Costa (Sintetizadores).


The band’s artistic merit lies in its members’ talent and symbiosis and the wide range of subtleties in composition.

Octafonic is unique in using jazz techniques and instrumentation over an electronic rock component.

These musicians have come together in a powerful nonet brought up to date with modern sound, with live shows on different stages associated with both rock and jazz: Lollapalooza, Luna Park (with Faith No More), Niceto Club, Roxy Live, Cosquín Rock, Konex, Usina del Arte, Boris Club, Fiesta Clandestina, City Bar, XLR Club, Virasoro Bar, Bebop Club, Teatro de la Media Legua, Cosquin Rock 2015 (Cordoba), Blackbird Jazz Festival (Bahia), Festival Ciudad Emergente (CABA), Festival Solidario Vamos los Pibes (Haedo), Muestra Musica 2015, Plataforma Lavarden (Rosario), Teatro Luz y Fuerza (Santa Fe), Zenon (La Plata), Santana (Ramos Mejia), among others.